5 Ways You Can Use Milk In Your Beauty Regimen

You`d never think milk can be more than just something you give your baby or make for your children with chocolate Nesquick powder when they’re older. But it is, and milk is actually an untapped beauty source that can make your skin glow in radiant beauty, more than ever before. I will show you five ways you can use milk to become more beautiful, and then I want you to go out and try these methods and see how well they work.

1. Mix It To Get A Radiant Complexion

Milk is definitely able to improve your complexion by a simple mixture. Just take a tablespoon of corn flour, grab a cup of milk, and mix these two ingredients together until you see a cream forming. You can add a bit more milk or a bit more flour to get that perfect creamy texture. Just balance it out until you see the consistency being right. Then, apply it on your face and use it as a cleanser. You will see results almost instantly.

2. Use Milk As A Face Wash

Washing your face with milk? Really? Yes you can actually do this and it works very well. Begin with a slightly cold rinse and then take your milk from a bowl and start cleansing your face with a cotton ball. You can do this all over your face and neck and then just wash it off with cold water again. It’s a great replacement from those abrasive chemical facial washes out there.

3. Use It As A Hair Conditioner

Milk is actually a superb conditioner. You need a bottle that you can spray out of for this. Put the milk in there and just spray it onto your hair. Then, for around 20 minutes you need to comb your hair and wash it afterwards. The milk acts as a conditioning agent and makes your hair milky smooth!

4. Forget Rose Masks, Make A Milk Mask!

A face mask is another use of milk. You need to do a little mixing here though. 1 tablespoon of milk, 2 of honey, and 2 more with juice from a lemon. Mix all of these together in a bowl and you have a mask ready to be used. Apply it and let it sit in your face for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. You will see a rejuvenated skin tone and one that you do it at home yourself. No more spending $50 on a rose mask.

5. Do What Milk Is Made For, And Drink It 

Just drinking a glass of milk a day can improve your skin, hair, nails, and even your smile. It will help you sleep much easier and for longer because of the vitamin D it contains. It has other very important vitamins that your body needs and craves, so give it one glass a day. You don’t need any more than that.

Hope you enjoyed this guide on milk and how you can use it for many different ways in beauty. Now go and try it out, and share your results!

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