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Helpful Fashion Apps For The Modern Girl!

So what is the most difficult time when you are preparing for an evening out or a special dinner? Having to decide upon your outfit, makeup, accessories…..the list goes on. Of course, our friends are always there for us ready to offer their opinion and advice as and when required. But what if there is no one available to help you get through this ordeal? Life becomes a whole lot more difficult now doesn’t it?

Well there is great news now, as digital technology offers us the best solution and has us covered! Now there are countless fashion apps available that can offer you expert advice on a perfect ensemble for the night out or even recommend you the best shade of lipstick that goes with your skin tone. These apps have progressively become a new mantra for the modern fashionistas. You literally can get expert advice straight from your phone so you can avoid a fashion disaster (the worst things that can happen on a night out!).

I have compiled a list of the best fashion applications for your iphone or android and they will be split up into all the categories that you need to give attention to every night before going out. Here they are:

For Wardrobe

A number of easily available apps help you in selection of the outfit that can show off your best features and hence makes you look good. Some apps specialize in putting together an ensemble based on the weather conditions and predictions for the day. Now how cool is that? Just slip on your favorite shoes and see what these apps recommend.

Recommended apps: Cloth, Style Book, Pose.

For Accessories

No outfit is complete without any accessories. But what if you spot someone supporting a fab necklace and are fearful of approaching them for knowing the retailer?  To put you out of your agony, there are quite a few apps available that require you to snap a pic of the item and upload it whereby the app will locate the item for you and notify you. Apart from that many apps will notify you of the hot selling items available in various stores.

Recommended apps: Snapette, Sephora, Shopstyle Mobile.

For Hair

How often did you have to curse the weather when your perfect updo was ruined in the downpour? These latest fashion apps can save your day by recommending you the best hairstyle for the day based on the day’s forecast in your area. They can truly be a lifesaver on what seems to be like a really bad hair day looming ahead of you.

Recommended apps: Haircaster, Stylecaster.

For Natural Makeup

Each one of us is extremely cautious about the makeup that we put on our skin. The products that we use affect our skin health and skin tone. In order to ensure that the makeup that you wear on daily basis is free of harmful ingredients that can ruin your skin in the long run, a number of helpful fashion apps are readily accessible. These fashion apps allow you to judge the green-ness of the products that you use by telling you the ratio of organic and inorganic ingredients in them.

Recommended apps: Think Dirty.

That does it for these wonderful fashion apps that every women should have! The great thing is that you do not need to be tech savvy at all to use them. Their interface is very easy to use and conducive to women of all ages. Just load the app and get ready to style yourself in the best way possible for that wonderful night out! All your friends will compliment you on how great you look, but don’t tell them the secret!

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