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Makeup Essentials: 5 Items To Have In Your Closet

Makeup is a critical part of a women’s beauty routine. While you should stay clear of any abrasive makeup that can do harm to your skin, you just can’t not wear makeup! That would not be very lady like now would it? Now in every women’s closet, there should be 5 items of makeup no matter what. Make sure you stock up on these five so you never run out!

1. Lipstick

A bright red or a luscious nude, it doesn’t matter what your color is. I prefer having 3 different colors of lipstick in 3 very similar shades. While I do like to have that bright purple color for my wild days, it really isn’t required and most of the time it looks too flashy. You don’t want to be too flashy when showing off your lips after all. It all depends on your skin color, but a red is definitely a must!
Requirement: Have at least 3 that are similar to your skin tone.

2. Mascara

A mascara can do wonders for those days that you just aren’t feeling well. It happens to all of us and multiple times a year where we feel under the weather. A great mascara is a necessity and something that you can blend in very well with a creamy foundation. There are many tutorials on youtube on how to properly apply mascara, but this one by makeupgeek really shows you how to do perfectly.
Requirement; At least 1 mascara product.

3. Cream Foundation

You might have guessed that this would be next. A foundation is the key to your makeup arsenal, and if you don’t have one then you aren’t even trying. There are plenty of different types of foundations out there, such as cream, liquid, and powder. I prefer a light cream one because it really fits in perfectly to render a natural look that we all crave for. Beware of some cream foundations because they make your face look like a cake! You surely don’t want that.. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you prefer a liquid or powder foundation instead. As long as you have one and actively use it, than you should be just fine.
Requirement: 1 type of face foundation, and a backup one just in case it runs out and you forget.

4. Concealer

Concealer can really be a special product, especially if you have acne problems. Aside from the obvious use to cover acne, it can also be used to shed away those dark circles that may plague you. Get your sleep and drink enough water and you might never see dark circles again however! A concealer is definitely a must have in your closet regardless because some days you might wake up with a nasty bug bite or pimple that you got from your hands being dirty. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us!
Requirement: 1 super concealer to cover those dark spots away.

5. Blush

There are many bad blushes out there so you really need to be careful. What you want to look for is a natural blush which is light and shimmer free. Shimmer will make you look very fake and it is just not in style right now. A natural blush however will boost your radiance while still maintaining a ‘clean and natural’ look.
Requirement: 1 natural blush that is free of any shimmer!

Since your probably already shop a bunch for makeup, you already know that you must test these on your skin prior to purchasing. Any other makeup product is really optional and not necessary for most days. If you have too many, you end up over applying too many things and it really has a hamper on your look.