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Why Shaving is Difficult for Women: Men Have It Easy

As a modern and what I would call savvy female, I am definitely up to date on the latest technologies and trends that are surfacing in the western world. One of them just happens to be the rise of shaving for both women and men, so the amount of products that are being made are increasing too! The problem is however, that it is almost impossible to find a quality shaving method for women! For starters, let’s diffuse the three most popular methods of shaving and see why they are just problematic and unfavorable:

1. Epilators:

Epilators are the female version of electric razors. The only problem is that most of them are just so ineffective and you find yourself wasting so much money. It really is a shame because men have it so easy with a variety of top rated beard trimmers that work like a charm! These trimmers even work on any part of their body and they cut even the thickest hair with ease. For women, electric clippers are definitely too powerful and will end up having negative effects on your skin, so you can’t even use your husbands clipper as a substitute… darn! Calling all male grooming companies out there; Please make a quality female electric razor that is strong enough to be effective but sensitive enough to not cut our fragile skin. But anyway let’s move on to number 2.

2. Waxing:

Waxing is probably the most popular method of skin removal for women today. It is extremely painful, and sometimes you just can’t get those hard to reach spots so you end up with uneven patches of complete lack of hair and others with little blotches of unruly hair. It is definitely far from a perfect shaving method, however for some areas of your body it definitely does a great job; for example your arms and face work well with wax. And did I mention that it’s painful? Ouch, seriously! If you ever got a brazilian wax done you would understand the pain.

3. Female razors:

While these are cheap and comfortable to use, they don’t give you that great potency that you really crave for. They definitely don’t give you a close enough removal of hair like waxing does, but they are painless and they do a decent job at least. This is your best bet for easy, fast, and pain free shaving as a women. The problem is that it just isn’t good enough and it’s a mystery as to why that is.

There are other methods of course, like Nair and all the other beneficiaries, but in my honest opinion they do not work well. It is basically a lower form of waxing that is just painless. Well what is the point of that right? Another one that is gaining popularity is laser hair removal, and it is supposed to be permanent. The main beef I have with that method is the fact that you have a chance to scar permanently. Why take that chance and end up with a nasty and lifetime mark on your skin when you could just avoid it?

If I had to choose one method for shaving and stick to it for life, it would probably have to be waxing. Even though the pain is unbearable at times, it does a great job of removing hair for at least a couple of weeks time. Now don’t get me wrong, female razors are a contender and probably would work very well when paired with waxing, but why do we need to utilize two different methods just to get a perfect shave? That is a lot of time to dedicate for what should be a simple task of removing some unwanted hair!

Calling all you women out there, I want to hear your stories now. If you agree with me, or disagree even, drop a comment and share your experiences with shaving so we can hopefully gather some tricks and methods that work much better than the common products and services that are available out there.