5 Ways You Can Use Milk In Your Beauty Regimen

You`d never think milk can be more than just something you give your baby or make for your children with chocolate Nesquick powder when they’re older. But it is, and milk is actually an untapped beauty source that can make your skin glow in radiant beauty, more than ever before. I will show you five ways you can use milk to become more beautiful, and then I want you to go out and try these methods and see how well they work.

1. Mix It To Get A Radiant Complexion

Milk is definitely able to improve your complexion by a simple mixture. Just take a tablespoon of corn flour, grab a cup of milk, and mix these two ingredients together until you see a cream forming. You can add a bit more milk or a bit more flour to get that perfect creamy texture. Just balance it out until you see the consistency being right. Then, apply it on your face and use it as a cleanser. You will see results almost instantly.

2. Use Milk As A Face Wash

Washing your face with milk? Really? Yes you can actually do this and it works very well. Begin with a slightly cold rinse and then take your milk from a bowl and start cleansing your face with a cotton ball. You can do this all over your face and neck and then just wash it off with cold water again. It’s a great replacement from those abrasive chemical facial washes out there.

3. Use It As A Hair Conditioner

Milk is actually a superb conditioner. You need a bottle that you can spray out of for this. Put the milk in there and just spray it onto your hair. Then, for around 20 minutes you need to comb your hair and wash it afterwards. The milk acts as a conditioning agent and makes your hair milky smooth!

4. Forget Rose Masks, Make A Milk Mask!

A face mask is another use of milk. You need to do a little mixing here though. 1 tablespoon of milk, 2 of honey, and 2 more with juice from a lemon. Mix all of these together in a bowl and you have a mask ready to be used. Apply it and let it sit in your face for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. You will see a rejuvenated skin tone and one that you do it at home yourself. No more spending $50 on a rose mask.

5. Do What Milk Is Made For, And Drink It 

Just drinking a glass of milk a day can improve your skin, hair, nails, and even your smile. It will help you sleep much easier and for longer because of the vitamin D it contains. It has other very important vitamins that your body needs and craves, so give it one glass a day. You don’t need any more than that.

Hope you enjoyed this guide on milk and how you can use it for many different ways in beauty. Now go and try it out, and share your results!

fashion apps

Helpful Fashion Apps For The Modern Girl!

So what is the most difficult time when you are preparing for an evening out or a special dinner? Having to decide upon your outfit, makeup, accessories…..the list goes on. Of course, our friends are always there for us ready to offer their opinion and advice as and when required. But what if there is no one available to help you get through this ordeal? Life becomes a whole lot more difficult now doesn’t it?

Well there is great news now, as digital technology offers us the best solution and has us covered! Now there are countless fashion apps available that can offer you expert advice on a perfect ensemble for the night out or even recommend you the best shade of lipstick that goes with your skin tone. These apps have progressively become a new mantra for the modern fashionistas. You literally can get expert advice straight from your phone so you can avoid a fashion disaster (the worst things that can happen on a night out!).

I have compiled a list of the best fashion applications for your iphone or android and they will be split up into all the categories that you need to give attention to every night before going out. Here they are:

For Wardrobe

A number of easily available apps help you in selection of the outfit that can show off your best features and hence makes you look good. Some apps specialize in putting together an ensemble based on the weather conditions and predictions for the day. Now how cool is that? Just slip on your favorite shoes and see what these apps recommend.

Recommended apps: Cloth, Style Book, Pose.

For Accessories

No outfit is complete without any accessories. But what if you spot someone supporting a fab necklace and are fearful of approaching them for knowing the retailer?  To put you out of your agony, there are quite a few apps available that require you to snap a pic of the item and upload it whereby the app will locate the item for you and notify you. Apart from that many apps will notify you of the hot selling items available in various stores.

Recommended apps: Snapette, Sephora, Shopstyle Mobile.

For Hair

How often did you have to curse the weather when your perfect updo was ruined in the downpour? These latest fashion apps can save your day by recommending you the best hairstyle for the day based on the day’s forecast in your area. They can truly be a lifesaver on what seems to be like a really bad hair day looming ahead of you.

Recommended apps: Haircaster, Stylecaster.

For Natural Makeup

Each one of us is extremely cautious about the makeup that we put on our skin. The products that we use affect our skin health and skin tone. In order to ensure that the makeup that you wear on daily basis is free of harmful ingredients that can ruin your skin in the long run, a number of helpful fashion apps are readily accessible. These fashion apps allow you to judge the green-ness of the products that you use by telling you the ratio of organic and inorganic ingredients in them.

Recommended apps: Think Dirty.

That does it for these wonderful fashion apps that every women should have! The great thing is that you do not need to be tech savvy at all to use them. Their interface is very easy to use and conducive to women of all ages. Just load the app and get ready to style yourself in the best way possible for that wonderful night out! All your friends will compliment you on how great you look, but don’t tell them the secret!

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Why Shaving is Difficult for Women: Men Have It Easy

As a modern and what I would call savvy female, I am definitely up to date on the latest technologies and trends that are surfacing in the western world. One of them just happens to be the rise of shaving for both women and men, so the amount of products that are being made are increasing too! The problem is however, that it is almost impossible to find a quality shaving method for women! For starters, let’s diffuse the three most popular methods of shaving and see why they are just problematic and unfavorable:

1. Epilators:

Epilators are the female version of electric razors. The only problem is that most of them are just so ineffective and you find yourself wasting so much money. It really is a shame because men have it so easy with a variety of top rated beard trimmers that work like a charm! These trimmers even work on any part of their body and they cut even the thickest hair with ease. For women, electric clippers are definitely too powerful and will end up having negative effects on your skin, so you can’t even use your husbands clipper as a substitute… darn! Calling all male grooming companies out there; Please make a quality female electric razor that is strong enough to be effective but sensitive enough to not cut our fragile skin. But anyway let’s move on to number 2.

2. Waxing:

Waxing is probably the most popular method of skin removal for women today. It is extremely painful, and sometimes you just can’t get those hard to reach spots so you end up with uneven patches of complete lack of hair and others with little blotches of unruly hair. It is definitely far from a perfect shaving method, however for some areas of your body it definitely does a great job; for example your arms and face work well with wax. And did I mention that it’s painful? Ouch, seriously! If you ever got a brazilian wax done you would understand the pain.

3. Female razors:

While these are cheap and comfortable to use, they don’t give you that great potency that you really crave for. They definitely don’t give you a close enough removal of hair like waxing does, but they are painless and they do a decent job at least. This is your best bet for easy, fast, and pain free shaving as a women. The problem is that it just isn’t good enough and it’s a mystery as to why that is.

There are other methods of course, like Nair and all the other beneficiaries, but in my honest opinion they do not work well. It is basically a lower form of waxing that is just painless. Well what is the point of that right? Another one that is gaining popularity is laser hair removal, and it is supposed to be permanent. The main beef I have with that method is the fact that you have a chance to scar permanently. Why take that chance and end up with a nasty and lifetime mark on your skin when you could just avoid it?

If I had to choose one method for shaving and stick to it for life, it would probably have to be waxing. Even though the pain is unbearable at times, it does a great job of removing hair for at least a couple of weeks time. Now don’t get me wrong, female razors are a contender and probably would work very well when paired with waxing, but why do we need to utilize two different methods just to get a perfect shave? That is a lot of time to dedicate for what should be a simple task of removing some unwanted hair!

Calling all you women out there, I want to hear your stories now. If you agree with me, or disagree even, drop a comment and share your experiences with shaving so we can hopefully gather some tricks and methods that work much better than the common products and services that are available out there.

ann taylor suede shoes

A Shoe Brand That You Need To Check Out!

If you’re like me, you just can’t seem to get enough pair of shoes. This seems to be a widespread epidemic that has afflicted many women from all over the world today. Everyone seems to be paying a keener attention and interest on the choice of footwear to go with a particular outfit that ever before. And seeing such a huge demand for good quality and fashionable shoes, many designer labels are definitely more than happy to oblige every woman’s whims and fancy.

While Italian shoes have also been considered a premium pick for any shoe connoisseur, the true American shoe designer brand offers an equally stylish collection with exceptional craftsmanship that could easily rival the Italian brands at any given day. Anne Taylor has long shared the fashion limelight with other top designer brands in consistently providing the modern women the very essence of contemporary styles that also exudes versatile fashion and that distinct refined and polish look. When it expands it product line to feature a collection of Ann Taylor shoes, the world is provided with a string of collections that definitely provides a whole new meaning on what the modern footwear should be.

No designer brand seems to have an intrinsic knowledge and understanding on the needs of a woman than Ann Taylor, as evidenced in its unwavering commitment to cater to different preferences and constantly providing a whole new line of luxury products that can best complement to the seemingly frenetic lifestyle most women keep. Such expert understanding on the very basic needs of women can also be clearly seen in the latest collection of Ann Taylor shoes, but this time they have certainly outdone themselves in creating footwear pieces that presents a perfect compromise of both form and function. Exuding the signature Ann Taylor style of understated elegance and sophistication, this particular collection of Ann Taylor shoes definitely stands out above the rest. Most of the latest design features the finest materials including the silk dupioni, authentic suede materials and genuine leather that definitely presents the finest quality footwear that money can buy. So what are the best picks to check out in the latest collection of Ann Taylor shoes? Here’s a quick guide to point you in the general direction:

Ginger Cork Platform Sandals

If you have a thing for wedges, this Ann Taylor pair will certainly satisfy the shoe fetish in you. Intricately hand crafted using the finest raffia along with stylish cork wedged heels, this piece definitely adds a touch of uniqueness to any fashion ensemble. What is so great about this pair is the fact that it goes well with almost any casual outfit, from skirts to jeans and everything in between!

Ann Taylor Boots

Boots have never failed to provide that “wow” factor in every fashion outfit. This is why a pair of Ann Taylor suede boots is a must in any woman’s wardrobe collection. One of the standout pieces in the collection are the beige and tan suede knee high boots that gloves those delicate female calves sets the legs into perfection. If you think you have the decent collection of shoes, it will never be complete without a pair of boots for that to go with your stylish ensemble.

Katie Halterback

A sexy pair of footwear is always a welcome addition to any type of outfit, whether casual or formal. And what can be more sensual that a halter-back designs that is made of silk. Ann Taylor must have been reading the wishes of every woman quite well when they came up with this pair that is available in black and sage.

So just when you think you absolutely don’t need a another pair of designer footwear, a quick browse on the latest collection of Ann Taylor shoes will definitely change your mind. So treat yourself to a new pair today, and have fun thinking of outfits that can go well with it.

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Makeup Essentials: 5 Items To Have In Your Closet

Makeup is a critical part of a women’s beauty routine. While you should stay clear of any abrasive makeup that can do harm to your skin, you just can’t not wear makeup! That would not be very lady like now would it? Now in every women’s closet, there should be 5 items of makeup no matter what. Make sure you stock up on these five so you never run out!

1. Lipstick

A bright red or a luscious nude, it doesn’t matter what your color is. I prefer having 3 different colors of lipstick in 3 very similar shades. While I do like to have that bright purple color for my wild days, it really isn’t required and most of the time it looks too flashy. You don’t want to be too flashy when showing off your lips after all. It all depends on your skin color, but a red is definitely a must!
Requirement: Have at least 3 that are similar to your skin tone.

2. Mascara

A mascara can do wonders for those days that you just aren’t feeling well. It happens to all of us and multiple times a year where we feel under the weather. A great mascara is a necessity and something that you can blend in very well with a creamy foundation. There are many tutorials on youtube on how to properly apply mascara, but this one by makeupgeek really shows you how to do perfectly.
Requirement; At least 1 mascara product.

3. Cream Foundation

You might have guessed that this would be next. A foundation is the key to your makeup arsenal, and if you don’t have one then you aren’t even trying. There are plenty of different types of foundations out there, such as cream, liquid, and powder. I prefer a light cream one because it really fits in perfectly to render a natural look that we all crave for. Beware of some cream foundations because they make your face look like a cake! You surely don’t want that.. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you prefer a liquid or powder foundation instead. As long as you have one and actively use it, than you should be just fine.
Requirement: 1 type of face foundation, and a backup one just in case it runs out and you forget.

4. Concealer

Concealer can really be a special product, especially if you have acne problems. Aside from the obvious use to cover acne, it can also be used to shed away those dark circles that may plague you. Get your sleep and drink enough water and you might never see dark circles again however! A concealer is definitely a must have in your closet regardless because some days you might wake up with a nasty bug bite or pimple that you got from your hands being dirty. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us!
Requirement: 1 super concealer to cover those dark spots away.

5. Blush

There are many bad blushes out there so you really need to be careful. What you want to look for is a natural blush which is light and shimmer free. Shimmer will make you look very fake and it is just not in style right now. A natural blush however will boost your radiance while still maintaining a ‘clean and natural’ look.
Requirement: 1 natural blush that is free of any shimmer!

Since your probably already shop a bunch for makeup, you already know that you must test these on your skin prior to purchasing. Any other makeup product is really optional and not necessary for most days. If you have too many, you end up over applying too many things and it really has a hamper on your look.